Why digital…

It has taken me some time to develop my digitally designed collection of mats. These are mats where computerized designs are digitally printed directly onto the vinyl material. Digital printing has come a long way. It took quit a bite of research to find just the right machine that would not only provide the resolution I needed but also the durability required. These mats do not need to be coated, they are bullet proof without the coating required by their hand painted counterpart. Printing digital means anything goes… photos, logos or even a child’s drawing can be printed as floor art, totally personalizing a mat. The mat below was based on one in my digital collection. With just a push of a button, the size and colors were changed to fit and match the long hallway. Why digital… why not… the possibilities are endless.


3 Responses to “Why digital…”

  1. Susan Wilkinson Says:

    Fascinating and beautiful work! You own the digital press, yourself?

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