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Medieval mat…

March 31, 2010

I’ve designed mats for all types of homes but when contacted by a client to come to their castle – that was a first. Nestled in the hills of Sonoma County is a very sweet 2 bedroom castle straight from the Middle Ages complete with iron gate, beautiful garden, spiral staircase and two very large English sheep dogs. Everything you would expect in a castle minus a moat and guarding knights. I was hired to design a entry mat as a gift for the client’s husband’s birthday. My concept was a very regal ornate design that included a special coat of arms but the client opted for a simpler design they felt was less competing with their decor. Nobly, I accommodated and the result was just what the castle ordered. For me it was a one time unique Medieval experience I will always remember. Fare-thee-well. 


Show down…

March 23, 2010

Well, the show is over and I thank everyone that came by and gave me the code word “MatDelicious” to receive their special 25% off offer. It’s a long 3 days but always fun bumping into friends, past clients and potential new ones. The response I got most often was “Wow, that’s a great idea!” and “I hate my kitchen rug.” My job is to inform and educate the consumer about floor mats since there’s really no other product like it. The beauty, diversity and durability of the product tends to sell itself. Being a one woman show can be exhausting but worth every minute talking about what I love. All’s well that ends well.