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Poppies Underfoot

March 16, 2011

As a California girl I’m partial to poppies and was ecstatic to put them on a mat. This very contemporary kitchen has a decor in vibrant colors – shades of bright green and orange. Lingering over the sink is a bouquet of wiry, rising poppies which has a lasting impression. I wondered how they might look, large, in all their orange glory, under the glass table… as it turned out – magnificent!

FYI I will be at the Sonoma County Home & Garden Show in Santa Rosa at the fairgrounds this Friday, Saturday and Sunday – come by and see me!

poppy mat


The Finished Mat!

March 2, 2011

Here is the finished mat installed! It’s a process but a very rewarding one especially when delivered to happy, smiling clients. Just for fun, scroll down and go to the beginning of the project – check out the before image when the project was first started.