Trendsetting Floor Mats

I’ve been reading that a trend in home interiors are graphic prints. I’m smiling because Studio K floor mats display the cleanest most colorful graphic prints. Not only can colors in the graphics change easily to match home interiors, but any personal decor graphic element can be printed to match a couch pillow or wallpaper pattern. Nothing could be more trendy or versatile than personal decor on the floor, the ultimate statement in graphic prints for home interiors.

graphic prints in floor mats


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4 Responses to “Trendsetting Floor Mats”

  1. Nancy Marie Says:

    Yes I love the tile inspired mat the best, Some inspiration for my tip to Turkey in early June, Love Nancy

  2. recessedfloormats Says:

    Very beautiful. These designs look very clean and crisp. Functional too.

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