Strawberries revised

The below image is a mat I did 8 years ago. I recently received a call from the client who loves their mat but is ready for a redesign. The challenge is they still would like strawberries and the same colors in the design. They also want the mat divided in two and an additional mat for the laundry room. I came up with a great new design that they loved. The second image is a preview of the start of that design, stay tuned to see the finished, fully designed mats.

strawberry mat  working mat preview


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2 Responses to “Strawberries revised”

  1. Carolyn O'Connor Says:

    Kathleen, ….Fabulous! I love to look at your floorcloths and was so excited to see an update from you today! My eyecandy for the day! You did a great job on this and I love it. Carolyn

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