Happy New Year!

I stepped into the new year on a New Year’s floor mat I created especially as a dance floor for a black and white themed New Year’s Eve party I was hosting. Armed with just black Sharpie pens and my imagination I drew this festive doodle. I started by creating shoes (also below) which then inspired the mat. I was having so much fun I wondered what else I could draw on… a plate… a wall… a hat… it was hard to stop. I now have a whole new appreciation for the graffiti artist.

Happy New Year floor mat Happy New Year shoes


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3 Responses to “Happy New Year!”

  1. timm Says:

    Wow! Those are cool! Next fwy overpasses!

  2. Kathleen Nelson Says:

    Overpasses sounds more uncomfortable than painting a floor mat. 🙂 Doing the artsy party stuff made me feel like the young 80’s designer doing the crazy stuff I used to do. Remember the Christmas tree unveiling parties?

  3. Donna Packard Says:

    WOW! What is next? I love your imagination and where you go with it.

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