From Plate to Floor

New year, new project. Often when I meet with a client they have no idea about their mat’s design, but sometimes they do. This client would like me to transfer the concept of the dutch artwork from a plate to a 66″ x 60″ floor mat. I love these challenges. In this case, the task is fairly easy – create a stencil of the flower and apply in a scatter print pattern. Below is the plate and my computer sketch. The computer sketch does not show the colors very accurately but paint will be chosen to match the plate directly.  Next… paint.

dutch plate dutch pattern floor mat

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6 Responses to “From Plate to Floor”

  1. ptshoe Says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Still in san diego will call when i get home! xo

  2. NM Says:

    Nice but not as good as a map….. Love NM

  3. Ekaterina Says:

    Hi, i must say i absolutely adore your rugs!
    About 55 years ago my grandparents house had a linoleum rug and I’ve never forgotten how beautiful it was. Obviously i spent quite a lot of time on it, playing with my friends on the floor. The rug was very roubast and had never suffered any damage.
    Are your rugs also that robust?
    What paints do you use and what do you protect them with?
    Thank you so much,
    Best of luck with your work,
    Ekaterina xx

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