Art Deco Mat Delivered

In my last blog I wrote about painting and researching this beautiful art deco floor mat. Not only does the shape add protection from liquid and food to the hardwood beneath but the colors and design really brighten this dark kitchen. Add some purple/red towels and kitchen ornaments and you have a match made in art deco heaven.

Art deco floor mat


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4 Responses to “Art Deco Mat Delivered”

  1. Bright Ideas Says:

    Beautiful! You’re incredible . . .

  2. studiokblog Says:

    Thanks my friend. 🙂

    • studiokblog Says:

      Hi Darlene…. to answer your questions… the material is trained to roll toward to floor so the edges lie perfectly flat. There is an under mat that accompanies the floor mat which protects the under floor and keeps the mat secure to the floor. UV is usually the problem with hardwood. Anything that covers hardwood (especially new hardwood) doesn’t allow the same UV saturation which may change the color of the floor. The mats have a 45 degree tapered trim so there is no lip to the mat. My mats are very low profile and are not anti-fatique mats. The under mat give it a slight cushy feel. I hope this answers your questions, thank you for your interest.

  3. Darlene Bennett Says:

    How do you keep the corners and edges from being kicked up and then stepped on causing creases or breaking off? Also will these discolor flooring, especially hardwood beneath the mats? Is there anything applies to the underside to make them skid proof? And finally, when you say beaveled edge cut, what does that mean, it because the vinyl is thick and cushiony? That you. Your work is fantastic.

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