First Floor Mat of 2016

It’s always great to start a year with a fun project and this one has turned out to be a favorite. The goal was to cover a kitchen floor and the client had an idea of a mandala design. I loved the concept and produced a mandala doodle incorporating the grays of the backsplash tile and the green teal of the door with a dark faux background marrying into the floor. The result is like henna on the floor. Stay turned for the finished product in the home, delivering in February.

CP_workingkitchen interior


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2 Responses to “First Floor Mat of 2016”

  1. Janice Marzlin Says:

    You are amazing!

    Janice Marzlin 💡 BRIGHT IDEAS 2264 Knolls Hill Circle Santa Rosa, CA 95405 O/C: 707.575.4656 FAX: 707.575.7107 ~Celebrating 25 Years~


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