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The Stencil Effect

August 28, 2012

My current client wanted to match a table place mat she liked both with similar colors and style. The solution was creating a pattern using a custom cut stencil. Dry brushing paint with a stencil can add visual texture to a solid area. The effect is easy and relatively fast considering the hundreds of squares that needed to be painted. Turning up the music also helps. 🙂

image of using a stencil in a floor mat


January 6, 2012

This work in progress that I blogged about in November finished nicely. It was placed in it’s new home just before Christmas ready for holiday entertaining. The dynamic design is a certain eye-catcher leaving everyone smiling with amazement.

birght floral floor mat

A work in progress

November 3, 2011

Sometimes turning a work in progress into a work of art can be tedious. This mat is going to be beautiful and I’m looking forward to seeing the end piece, but getting there sometimes means painting the mat three times to get the effects that I want. The photo shows what stage I’m at currently, the below image is where I’m heading. It’s all worth it in the end when it’s showcased in the room for which it was designed. That post to follow… stay tuned.

beautiful floral mat floral mat sketch

Rug vs Mat

September 27, 2011

This client loved the design of the rug in her kitchen but wasn’t loving how it functioned. Solution—photograph the rug and turn it into a mat. This was an unique idea that worked beautifully. Digital printing gives a whole new meaning to “anything goes”. In this case, the client was happy that I pulled the rug out from under her.

Applying Polyurethane

February 17, 2011

The creation of the mat is basically finished at this point. Polyurethaning the mat is probably the easiest part of the process and the least fun. I use a indoor, water base, low luster polyurethane and apply with a pad brush. After six coats–Voilà, you have a finished mat. Next, delivery and installation.

Craftsman Designed Mat

January 14, 2011

After researching the Craftsman style in detail on the internet, I decided to mimic the stained glass doors and lamps that I saw in so many of the home interiors. Below is the computer sketch I created for the client which matched some of the fixtures and fireplace/cabinet details in their home beautifully. Even though client liked the sketch and thought it was designed in the true Craftsman style they decided they wanted something with a slight floral influence which can also be seen in some Craftsman stencils and tapestries. Keep logging in (or email subscribe) for phase two of design.

Wall to wall mat…

January 14, 2010

This is the first time I’ve designed a mat that filled the entire floor, edge to edge. Usually mats move slightly like area rugs so I don’t like them to butt against anything. However, because this mat was going to be adhered to the floor, it wasn’t a problem. This kitchen and the entire house had a southwest theme so the design of mocked stone tiles seemed appropriate. I handmade stencils and then dry brushed faux tile finishes. The background itself is a beautiful soft faux giving the overall appearance of a rustic southwest blanket. The mat was an inspiration for the client to redo the cabinets and paint the walls. Scroll down to see the ’before‘ picture – you won’t believe your eyes. This is one for the record books. I don’t know who had the harder project – me or the client. 

Getting something from nothing…

January 7, 2010

What do you do when the room offers very little… there’s no color, style, or theme. Believe it or not, the hardest mat for me to design is when I can do anything I want. Check out below the ‘before’ picture of this kitchen – I got nothin’. To make matters worse, the client wanted a very large mat, one that would drop over the kitchen island donut style – a cool idea. In the end, I decided a Tuscan style design would work well with the gray stone tile. The result (see the next photo) was this rustic, playful mat where the art flowed around the island totally stylizing the kitchen. Sometimes you get something from nothing. Words to live by.

Black and white and walk all over…

November 22, 2009

This simple black and white mat is one of my very favorites. Devoid of color (although I did present the same design with color) – it has plenty of style. The client let me go creatively for her simple chic french country galley kitchen. The mat really adds something special to the overall look of the kitchen. Its unique shape along with the floral pattern takes a corner in order to add protection under the refrigerator. The clients says, depending on the time of year, she’ll throw in colorful countertop accessories like hot pink towels or red roses. This kitchen is [simply] beautiful.

More than geometric shapes…

November 18, 2009

After reviewing my last three blog entries, it appears I can only paint geometric shapes. This cracks me up because most of my mats don’t have square one in them – as proof, see below. This beautiful mat was the first of seven mats I created for a 100 year old farm house in Calistoga, CA. I picked up the center grape pattern from a design in the fabric of the couch in the other room. The owner loves the mats so much that there are plans for two more, which proves you can never have too many mats (?)