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Final Mat, Plate Perfect

February 22, 2013

In my last blog, I wrote about being commissioned to transfer a scatter-print dutch flower design that was on a plate and create it on a floor mat. Below is the finished product. Creating a stencil of the flower worked perfectly – for all 242 flowers. The client was pleased and so am I. It just goes to show that any design, whether it be on a plate, fabric, wallpaper, etc., can transfer to create an incredible floor mat.




From Plate to Floor

January 28, 2013

New year, new project. Often when I meet with a client they have no idea about their mat’s design, but sometimes they do. This client would like me to transfer the concept of the dutch artwork from a plate to a 66″ x 60″ floor mat. I love these challenges. In this case, the task is fairly easy – create a stencil of the flower and apply in a scatter print pattern. Below is the plate and my computer sketch. The computer sketch does not show the colors very accurately but paint will be chosen to match the plate directly.  Next… paint.

dutch plate dutch pattern floor mat