Modern Dandelions

A client loved this popular, 1950s, now contemporary, fabric design and wanted it displayed on a mat in her kitchen. This is a good example of how an element of personal home decor could be incorporated into the floor on a mat. Imagine how your wallpaper, tile or fabric would look. It was fun to paint but hard to install this very large 12′ x 10′ floor mat.

modern dandelion floor mat


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8 Responses to “Modern Dandelions”

  1. Bright Ideas Says:

    Fun!! Very Impressive Kathleen . . . you do amazing work! xo Janice

  2. Donna Packard Says:

    Again, great job.

  3. timm Says:

    Love this mat! Since it has such a 50’s look, I might say it is Boss!

  4. Kathleen Nelson Says:

    Oh contraire, I think “Boss” is early 70’s. I remember saying it in Junior High. Thanks Timm.

  5. recessedfloormats Says:

    Okay these dandelions are my favorite. Very Miami-esque.

  6. viscultethics Says:

    What material are you using to paint onto? Is it canvas? Also, what kind of paint do you use?

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