Curly Vine

October 5, 2016

When a client falls in love with a design created strictly for my digitally printed collection and the size needed is too large to digitally print, what do you do? Paint it! This was a test of my painting skills for sure but the design was also one of my favorites so I was happy to give it a shot. From computer to floor using human translation, the mat came alive before my eyes, paint stroke by paint stoke.


Shabby Chic

August 24, 2016

Using a simple checkered interior and a French provincial stenciled border, this mat adds style from the floor up to a Shabby Chic kitchen. A simple design sometimes is best and is all that is needed to help stylize a room.


Henna for the floor

February 15, 2016

In my last post I was working on this floor mat with a mandala doodle design. It’s always rewarding to see the mat in the area for which it was designed and witness the client’s ecstatic faces. Best part of my job.

henna for your floor, mandala doodle

First Floor Mat of 2016

January 19, 2016

It’s always great to start a year with a fun project and this one has turned out to be a favorite. The goal was to cover a kitchen floor and the client had an idea of a mandala design. I loved the concept and produced a mandala doodle incorporating the grays of the backsplash tile and the green teal of the door with a dark faux background marrying into the floor. The result is like henna on the floor. Stay turned for the finished product in the home, delivering in February.

CP_workingkitchen interior

Odd Shaped Floor mats

August 27, 2015

Odd configured kitchens are perfect for custom floor mats as they can be cut to any shape. Though, designing them can be problematic. This digitally printed mosaic worked perfectly, not only for the shape but the colors helped brighten up a very dark room. I’ve never seen a client so happy.

mosaic floor mat

Stripes Delivered

May 14, 2015

My last blog was about how I developed this striped floor mat. I thought it might be nice to show the finished product in the room for which it was created. It not only adds function but is a key component visually in this craft/play room.

striped floor mat in kid's craft room

Stripes, Stripes and more Stripes

April 30, 2015

For some reason I’ve been creating a lot of striped mats lately. The mat you see below, which was recently shipped, was created from photographed colored papers. A proof was approved and voilà a mat was created. This mat was to be placed into a kids craft room. From what I understand it was a very colorful room.

striped floor mat


Mat Re-do

February 17, 2015

A client wasn’t very thoughtful when creating an art project and spilled tonic glue on the beautiful dinning room mat I had created especially for her interior. She loved her mat so much that she recommissioned me to produce another. This is a nice testimonial on how much my clients love their mats. Almost finished. (inset.. prior mat and work in progress).

Poppy floor matmaking of poppy floor mat

Simple patterns

January 22, 2015

Simple patterns can really work especially if they are going to appear under a thick, solid table. Bold patterns can be just what a large open room needs. This colorful, modern leave pattern will look beautiful and be just what the room needed once finished.

bold patterns

Art Deco Mat Delivered

September 23, 2014

In my last blog I wrote about painting and researching this beautiful art deco floor mat. Not only does the shape add protection from liquid and food to the hardwood beneath but the colors and design really brighten this dark kitchen. Add some purple/red towels and kitchen ornaments and you have a match made in art deco heaven.

Art deco floor mat